Brokers and agents who work across multiple markets will receive tremendous benefits from ROAM MLS.  What previously required 4 MLS memberships, will now require just one!    Furthermore, you’ll be able to access that data in a choice of front-end software.   And the benefit isn’t just on the front-end.   Data licensing that used to require multiple license agreements can now just be handled through a single-agreement eliminating the cost and time required for your third-party vendors to have to aggregate all that listing content.  There are also no more conflicts with having to keep up with disparate rules and regulations, and best of all, cooperation and compensation remains in place with all the in-place dispute resolution systems that help make the market work.

Watch the video above to see how ROAM MLS facilitates access to data from the Gulf Coast to Natchitoches in a single search result!


You’re not alone.  The vast majority of REALTORS® in Louisiana DO NOT work across multiple markets.    Article 11 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics also compels REALTORS® not to work in areas outside their specialization.   For these users, ROAM offers significant benefits:

  1. Nearly 10,000 of the 12,000 subscribers of ROAM will not be forced into changing their current software installation.  You can continue to utilize the same product you logged into before and continue your business practice without disruption. Those users that do change, will gain access to more services than they currently have access to.
  2. If you don’t work outside your local market and are in the practice of making out-of-market referrals, having access to the broader listing inventory gives you the ability to initially respond to a customers inquiry in a much more professional manner helping maintain your relationship with your client as a trusted resource before making that referral.



Through partnership with other Associations, your association will have an ability to extend to your members products and services that you may not have ever been able to offer before.  ROAM  also allow Associations to offload many of the NAR-Mandated Compliance Requirements and time consuming activities such as establishing data feeds, that can free the associations to focus their staff time on their core association services by being the voice of real estate in their communities.   Your current MLS support teams and staff, all continue to be able to deliver services all backed by expertise of MLS staff with over 100 years of combined experience all united to make the market work for benefit of our brokers and agents.